The Harmonia Sacra

Minutes for January 1, 1998

Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries, Elkhart, Indiana

The New Year's Day Harmonia Sacra Singing was held at the Chapel of the Sermon on the Mount at the Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries. James Nelson Gingerich welcomed the class and led the song at 303. Janeen Bertsche Johnson prayed an invocation and led 227b. Matthew Lind made some introductory comments and led the song on page 60. Other leaders: Samuel Sommers 227; Kent Beck 54; Christine Guth 310; Michael Miller 221; Jim Pfau 98. Mary Oyer taught a lesson showing the variety and range of music in The Harmonia Sacra using songs on pages 223, 124, 228, 332, 254, and 173.


James Nelson Gingerich brought the class back with 63b. Mary Oyer continued her lesson with 59, 183b, 218b, 313, 220, and 260. Other leaders: Kit Pfau 300; Pauline Childers 112; Kathy Bowers 122; Jerry Enright 141; Matthew Lind 353; James Nelson Gingerich 109b; Samuel Sommers 286; Beverly Enright 60b.


Matthew Lind brought the class together with 86. Other leaders: Michael Miller 96; ChristineGuth 379; Jerry Enright 361; Kent Beck 142b; Roger Kurtz 84; Kathy Bowers 194; Pauline Childers 84b; Kit Pfau 75; Beverly Enright 326; Roger Kurtz 100; Martha Beverly 126; Dorothy Yoder with James Nelson Gingerich 353; Paul Streeter 104b; Rachel Miller Jacobs 219; Samuel Sommers 188; Christine Guth 269; Michael Miller 195; Beverly Enright 300; Matthew Lind 200b; Kathy Bowers 100b; Paul Streeter 85.


James Nelson Gingerich brought the class in with 131b. Other leaders: Christine Guth 242; Jerry Enright 89; Roger Kurtz 234; Rich Hostetler Meyer 351; Pauline Childers 282b; James Nelson Gingerich 99; Martha Beverly 54b; Matthew Lind 331; Paul Streeter 196; Kit Pfau 232; Kent Beck 53; Rich Hostetler Meyer 344; Jim Pfau 268; Bill Beverly 307; Jerry Enright 94; Kathy Bowers 134b; Michael Miller 251; Mary Oyer 304; James Nelson Gingerich 114; and Beverly Enright 392. Samuel Sommers said a prayer and the class sang the song at 354 to close.