The Harmonia Sacra

Minutes for January 1, 1999

Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries, Elkhart, Indiana

The Eighth Annual New Year's Day Harmonia Sacra Singing was held at the Chapel.of the Sermon on the Mount at the Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries. Matthew Lind commenced the Singing with the song on page 53. Diane Zaerr welcomed the singers on behalf of the seminary. Samuel Sommers led the song at 60 and said the morning prayer. Matthew Lind welcomed the class and made some introductory comments. James Nelson Gingerich spoke briefly about shape notes and the songbook and led the songs at 347b and 221. Other leaders: Christine Guth 242, 379; Kent Beck 62b, 227. Mary Oyer taught a lesson showing a variety of music in The Harmonia Sacra using songs on pages 96, 97, 303, 302, 210b, and 304.


James Nelson Gingerich brought.the class back with 140b. Mary Oyer continued her lesson with 236, 268, 63b, 380b, 382b, and 290. Other leaders: Matthew Lind 126b; Jerry Enright 361, 89, 94; Beverly Rose Enright 94b; Samuel Sommers 333; John Gingerich 54, 54b; James Nelson Gingerich 353. Grace for the noon meal was said by Millard Lind.


Matthew Lind brought the class together with 164b. Other leaders: James Nelson Gingerich 109b; Rachel Miller Jacobs 106b; Danile Martens and James Nelson Gingerich 264; Samuel Sommers 269, 227b; Jerry Enright 310, 60b; Beverly Enright 392, 109; Mary Oyer 354, 332, 218b, 313; Christine Guth 232b, 260; James Nelson Gingerich 62, 204, 93b, 194; Rachel Miller Jacobs 219b.


Matthew Lind brought the class in with 98, 104b. Other leaders: Jerry Enright 127b, 84; Samuel Sommers 282b 188; Beverly Enright 365b; Christine Guth 122, 59; Mary Oyer 100, 302b, 124; James Nelson Gingerich 75, 131b; Matthew Lind 326, 186b; Karen Hojnacki 83; Matthew Lind 128; Martha Beverly 88b; James Nelson Gingerich 199b. Announcements were made. Mary Oyer led the song at 354 and Samuel Sommers said a closing prayer.