The Harmonia Sacra

Minutes for January 1, 2002

Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries, Elkhart, Indiana

James Nelson Gingerich called the Eleventh Annual Singing to order with the song on page 53. Samuel Sommers said an opening prayer. James Nelson Gingerich welcomed the class to the singing. Matthew Lind sang the song 54. Other leaders included (Margaret McLaughlin) Matthew Lind 54b; (Barbara Nelson Gingerich) Mary Oyer 96; (Jan Wright) James Nelson Gingerich 109; (Phyllis Stutzman) 217; (Lois Longenecker) 206; Christine Guth 268; Mary Oyer 236; (Matthew Lind) Mary Oyer 200b; (Sherry Kiracofe) Mary Oyer 108b; (Dorothy Hall) Samuel Sommers 188; James Nelson Gingerich 89; (Al Longenecker) James Nelson Gingerich 131; Samuel Sommers 300; Kent Beck 227.


Matthew Lind brought the class together with the song on page 75. Other leaders: Ann Miczulski 216; (Jerry Lapp) 147b; (Marcie Cochran) Samuel Sommers 236; (Karen Gurich) 246b; Michael Miller 221; Matthew Lind 176b; (Art Hall) 141; (Ron Stutzman) Matthew Lind 204; (Nick Pasqual) 100; (Marin Marian Balasa) 109; (E Mitorn) Samuel Sommers 223; (Margaret McLaughlin) Mary Oyer 290; Jan Wright 164; (Phyllis Stutzman) 164b; (Margie Davis) 165.


James Nelson Gingerich brought the class back with 93b. Other leaders: (Kate Lind) 317b; (Lois Longenecker) James Nelson Gingerich 304; (Myrna Miller) Matthew Lind 353; Mary Oyer 63b; (Sherry Kiracofe) Mary Oyer 227; (Danile Martens) 264; Rachel Miller Jacobs 219. James Nelson Gingerich then sang 183b for the Weaver Singing which this day celebrates its centennial; Christine Guth 332; Beth Hall and Samuel Sommers “Love at Home”; (Ann Miczulski) Samuel Sommers 161; Kent Beck 218b; (Jerry Lapp) Samuel Sommers 268b; Michael Miller 228; Matthew Lind 260. James Nelson Gingerich announced that the Weavers Singing and the Elkhart Singing have exchanged greetings and well wishes.


Rachel Miller Jacobs brought the class back with 106b; (Ron Stutzman) 303b; (Nick Pasqual) 105b; (Marin Marian Balasa)107; (E Mitorn) 323; (Margaret McLaughlin) 347; (Barbara Nelson Gingerich) James Nelson Gingerich 220;(Kate Lind) 332; (Phyllis Stutzman) 160; (Myrna Miller) 348; (Rachel Koontz) 275; (Gayle Gerber Koontz) 338; (Jan Wright) 144; Mary Oyer 218. Announcements were made. The class sang 354b and Samuel Sommers said a closing prayer.

Secretary’s note: A singer might select a song and choose not to lead. The requester is named parenthetically in these minutes, followed by the name of the leader, if there be one, and the number of the page where the song may be found. SWS