The Harmonia Sacra

Minutes for January 1, 2003

Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries, Elkhart, Indiana

Matthew Lind called the Twelfth Annual Singing to order with the song on page 53. James Nelson Gingerich welcomed the class to the singing and sang from page 59. Other leaders included Samuel Sommers 342; Rachel Adelstein 370b; Kent Beck 54; Ann Miczulski 216; Martha Beverly 79; Michael Miller 221; Matthew Lind 60; Pierre Gingerich-Boberg 313b; Nick Pasqual 158b; (Carl Yoder) Matthew Lind 98; Bill Beverly 128b; (James Caldwell) Matthew Lind 126b; (Margaret McLaughlin) James Nelson Gingerich 139b; Cathryn Baker 217; (Barbara Nelson Gingerich) James Nelson Gingerich 106b.


James Nelson Gingerich brought the class back with the song on page 303. Mary K Oyer led the class in a lesson of the songs found at 332, 96, 97, 236, 313; Mary Oyer and Dirk Lind 290. Other leaders: Kate Lind 182; (Sarah Lind) James Nelson Gingerich 294; (Margaret Fisher) James Nelson Gingerich 258; (Lois Longenecker) Matthew Lind 304; (Danile Martens) James Nelson Gingerich 264; Brad Bahler 62b.


Samuel Sommers brought the class back with 307. Other leaders: Dan Steiner 115; (Nancy Flanagan) James Nelson Gingerich 255; Christine Guth 107; Susie Kauffman 86; Rachel Miller Jacobs 227; Samuel Sommers 188; Rachel Adelstein 192; Kent Beck 62; Jerry Lapp 228b; (Ann Miczulski) James Nelson Gingerich 164b; (Rebecca Oyer Myers) Mary Oyer 354b; Martha Beverly 72b; Michael Miller 210b; Matthew Lind 75 Nick Pasqual 175b; Bill Beverly 164; Steve Martin 83; (Margaret McLaughlin) 204.


James Nelson Gingerich brought the class together with 317; Cathryn Baker 237; Malinda Berry 268; Kate Lind 328; (Barbara Nelson Gingerich) James Nelson Gingerich 260; (Karen Bahler) James Nelson Gingerich 351; (Danile Martens) James Nelson Gingerich 355; Brad Bahler 195b; Rachel Miller Jacobs 281; James Nelson Gingerich 353; Christine Guth 69b; (Nancy Flanagan) James Nelson Gingerich 180; (Andre Stoner) Matthew Lind 200b; (?) Samuel Sommers 326; (Ann Miczulski) James Nelson Gingerich 350. Announcements were made. The class sang 199 and Christine Guth said a closing prayer.

Secretary’s note: If a singer requests a song yet elects not to lead, the requester is named parenthetically in these minutes, followed by the name of the leader, if there be one, and the number of the page where the song may be found. SWS