The Harmonia Sacra

Minutes for January 1, 2004

Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries, Elkhart, Indiana

James Nelson Gingerich called the Thirteenth Annual Singing to order with the song on page 53. Christine Guth said an opening prayer and sang the song at 107. Other leaders: Samuel Sommers 347; (Ann Miczulski) 195; Martha Beverly 72b; Matthew Lind 108; Bill Beverly 116; Nick Pasqual 361b; (Barbara Nelson Gingerich) James Nelson Gingerich 227b; (Karen Bahler) Matthew Lind 96; Brad Bahler 344; Kent Beck 239; James Nelson Gingerich 353; Christine Guth 338; Danile Martens 227; Rebecca Slough 228; Samuel Sommers 258; (Ann Miczulski) 350.


Matthew Lind brought the class together with 54. Other leaders: Martha Beverly 73; Christine Guth 397; Kent Beck 77; (John Rempel) 182; (Don Wittrig) Samuel Sommers 304; Matthew Lind 260; (David Weirich) James Nelson Gingerich 268; Bill Beverly 313b; Nick Pasqual 105b; (Barbara Nelson Gingerich) James Nelson Gingerich 106b; (Lorinda Lardino) 72; Dirk Lind 290.


Samuel Sommers brought the class back with 94. Other leaders: (Karen Bahler) 88; Brad Bahler 351; James Nelson Gingerich 221; Rebecca Slough 310; (Mary Weirich) 94; Danile Martens 264; (Iris Weber) 156; Samuel Sommers 188; Christine Guth 89; Kent Beck 98; Ann Miczulski 216; (Robert Weber) James Nelson Gingerich 220; Matthew Lind 262; David Weirich 217; Bill Beverly 128; Nich Pasqual 219.


James Nelson Gingerich resumed the singing with “Love at Home.” Other leaders: (Barbara Nelson Gingerich) James Nelson Gingerich 75; (Rachel Koontz) James Nelson Gingerich 99; (Gayle Gerber Koontz) Samuel Sommers 281; (Lorinda Lardino) 203; (Karen Bahler) 101; (Iris Weber) 254; John Bahler and Brad Bahler 62b; James Nelson Gingerich 199; Christine Guth 255; Samuel Sommers 269; Ann Miczulski 161; Brad Bahler 65. Announcements were made. The class closed with at 354b.

Secretary’s note: A singer might select a song and choose not to lead. The requester is named parenthetically in these minutes, followed by the name of the leader, if there be one, and the number of the page where the song may be found. SWS