The Harmonia Sacra

Minutes for January 1, 2006

Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries, Elkhart, Indiana

James Nelson Gingerich called the Fifteenth Annual Singing to order with the song on page 53.Christine Guth said an opening prayer. James welcomed the class and made some introductory remarks and the singing continued with Samuel Sommers leading the song at 347; (Gay Oberlander) James 75; Kent Beck 217; Martha Beverly 95b; (Jerry Lapp) 163b; Ann Miczulski 268; Bill Beverly 218; Will Fitzgerald 151; (Cindy Clendenon) 109b; Debora Grosse 98; Tom Malone 66; Matthew Lind 303; Michael Miller 221; Lew Naylor and James Nelson Gingerich 115; Nick Pasqual 106b; John Bahler 344; Margaret McLaughlin) Matthew 96.


Matthew Lind brought the class back with the song at the top of page 54. Other eaders: (Barbara Nelson Gingerich) Matthew 227b; Kate Lind 218b; (Ann Naylor) James 108b; Karen Bahler and Brad Bahler 345; (Phyllis Stutzman) James 348; (Evie Bertsche) Samuel 192; Christine Guth 56; Mary Oyer 332, 313, 59; James Nelson Gingerich 353; Brad Bahler 300; (Julia Smucker) Matthew 97; Rachel Miller Jacobs 219; (Danile Martens) James 89.


Christine Guth brought the class in with the song at 209. Other leaders: Samuel Sommers 333; Tom Malone 77b; Martha Beverly 143b; John Bahler 62b; Kent Beck 62;

Will Fitzgerald 54b; (Dean Knuth) James 380; Ann Miczulski 140; (Jerry Lapp) James 183; Christine Guth 351; Debora Grosse 112; (Robert) James 349; Bill Beverly 107.


Matthew Lind brought the class together with 92, 260. Other leaders: Dirk Lind 290; Michael Miller 188; Nick Pasqual 175b; (Jim Lodwick) James 112b; (Margaret McLaughlin) Matthew 140b; Kate Lind 317; (Barbara Nelson Gingerich) James 99; Karen, Brad, and John Bahler 350; Julia Smucker and James Nelson Gingerich 56b; (Rachel Miller Jacobs) Matthew 232; Brad Bahler 326; (Danile Martens) Samuel 131b; (Kate Lind) James 264; (Danile Martens) James 210b; Brad Bahler 311.

After announcements, the class sang the song at 354b and Christine Guth closed the session with prayer.

Secretary’s note: All the song numbers in these minutes refer to pages of the twenty-fifth edition of The Harmonia Sacra. If a singer selects a song and chooses not to lead it, the requester is named parenthetically in these minutes, followed by the name of the leader and the number of the page where the song may be found. SWS