The Harmonia Sacra

Minutes for January 1, 2012

Chapel of the Word
Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries, Elkhart, Indiana

James Nelson Gingerich called the twenty-first annual singing to order with the song on page 53. Samuel Sommers said an opening prayer. Leaders: Matthew Lind 227b; Kate Lind 302b; (Barbara Nelson Gingerich) James Nelson Gingerich 221; (Wilma Gingerich) Matthew Lind 303; Laurel Cornell and James Nelson Gingerich 114b; Rachel Miller Jacobs 63b, James Nelson Gingerich 353; Ann Miczulski 195; Samuel Sommers 269; Martha Beverly 66t; David Lowe 75; Michael Miller 323; John Bahler 62b; Holly Hauck 65.


Samuel Sommers brought the class back with 94t. Other leaders: Bill Beverly 332b; Nate Zweig 368; Matthew Lind 175b; (Ted King) Will Fitzgerald 151; (Carl Yoder) James Nelson Gingerich 115; (Tom Dean) James Nelson Gingerich 218b; Karen Bahler 351; (Kate Lind) Matthew Lind 209; (Barbara Nelson Gingerich) James Nelson Gingerich 326; Gillian Inksetter 192; (Judy King) 161t; (Laurel Cornell) James Nelson Gingerich 369; Brad Bahler 277; James Nelson Gingerich 220; Ann Miczulski 278b; (Rachel Miller Jacobs) Matthew Lind 227t.


Matthew Lind brought the class back with 140b. Other leaders: Samuel Sommers 232t; Martha Beverly 67b; Will Fitzgerald 268; CarolSue Borkholder and Will Fitzgerald 221; John Bahler 96; Matthew Knicely and James Nelson Gingerich 75; (Vera Witmer) James Nelson Gingerich 220; (Leanna Miller) Will Fitzgerald 328; Bill Beverly 311; Matthew Lind 260; (Ted Knight) James Nelson Gingerich 74t; (Carl Yoder) Samuel Sommers 378b; Tom Dean 60b; Loren Waggy 97.


Will Fitzgerald started the session with 317. Other leaders: Nate Zweig 82t; Eric Henderson and Samuel Sommers 296; David Lowe 88b; Michael Miller 251; Gillian Inksetter 384; Karen Bahler 86t; Kate Lind and Matthew Lind 347; (Barbara Nelson Gingerich) James Nelson Gingerich 332; Deanna Board and Will Fitzgerald 73t; (Luella Miller) James Nelson Gingerich 349; Janeen Bertche Johnson 228; Holly Hauck 366; (Hannah Johnson) 59t; Michael Wiebe and Brad Bahler 150b; Dirk Vardaman 290; Matthew Lind and James Nelson Gingerich 354. Rachel Miller Jacobs said a closing prayer.

Carry-in dinner followed.

Secretary’s note: All the song numbers in these minutes refer to pages of the twenty-sixth edition of The Harmonia Sacra. If a singer selects a song and chooses not to lead it, the requester is named parenthetically in these minutes, followed by the name of the leader (if there be one) and the number of the page where the song may be found.

Minutes submitted by Samuel Sommers, secretary.